Our Services

Turnkey Manufacturing

Immecor offers both turnkey and consigned services, and can provide a hybrid of the two through a turnkey solution. We realize that our customers will continue to want consigned or partial turnkey assembly service and we are committed to meeting those needs now and in the future. Our solutions coupled with years of experience, longstanding excellent service, and empowerment training guarantees you a fast startup, a successful implementation, future growth path, immediate savings and a greater return on your investment.

Supply Chain and Inventory Management

Professional inventory management is critical in order to balance high customer service levels with cost reduction objectives. Immecor's proven experience managing inventories using advanced Kanban techniques and processes can help your business succeed.

Research and Prototype Development

To remain competitive in today's fast-paced products market, businesses must do more than get their new products to market quickly; they must get them there first. Immecor will help you succeed by testing the functionality and performance of your products before mass production and prior to introduction to the market. Utilizing Immecor's Research and Prototype program will help bring high-performance, defect free products to market...on time.

Environmental Testing

Immecor Offers environmental test services, such as heat and vibration testing to ensure our customers will have a durable and rugged system for harsh environments


Immecor partners with their customers to provide integration services.